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(Fight Club)

As we have a total of five posts, I decided that I would show you all what the community is used for.

Fight Club is one of the greatest literary works of OUR generation, considering that Chuck Palanhiuk is actually part of the last generation... yeah... uh...

Anyway, Fight Club embraces the want within us all to be free of the chains society ropes around us and our same inability to finally be released. The narrator remains unnamed. The only person in the book who knows his name is killed by a bomb created and planted when Tyler inhabits the narrator's body and blows up his job.

The quandry of the one person of Tyler and the narrator of the story presents a very Nieztschean concept: that in order to free ourselves of the one-tracked doomedness of life, we have to evolve. For Nietzsche, it was man (mensch) to overman (uebermensch), for Palanhiuk it is Narrator to Tyler.

Anyway, I'll stop rambliing.
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