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A Just War (9/11)

So, again we "celebrate" another anniversary of the terrorist attack, and contrary to Bush's prospections, we're still alive and in no dire need of duct tape. The world has not ended, and the terrorists are still winning, partially because the world hasn't gone kaboom and partially because they haven't been apprehended.

The Patriot Act is in full force, which irritates me to no end. How can we live in a world free from terror when our freedom of speech is so readily ripped away from us when we say something someone doesn't want us to? I can see why we need it, but even so, I can more readily see how easy the power the Patriot Act grants can be abused and things can escalate. I'd much rather have some guy in a turban hate me and threaten me for the country I came from than be sent off to jail and my mouth figuratively duct taped because I said the wrong thing on the wrong website.

By having such things force us to unify under the ideology of the kind-of elected leader of our country, that makes "terrorists" hate us more.

So instead of getting angry about how many US troops are getting killed in Iraq, why not just withdraw them? War against little tanned men you can't see is hard, and fighting them because they attacked us for things that we did is even harder. This isn't War on Terror. It's just war.

Rating: Rating something like this would be absolutely fucking morbid.
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