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8/23/04 05:40 am - metalgarurumon - Mr. Katana's Neighborhood (The Last Samurai)

But, beyond all that, I learned something else today. Watching The Last Samurai with Jason is much more fun than watching it with Nathan. Mocking depressing movies kinda makes me feel a little bad though. However, I shall perpetually grin for today, 'cause I got to see a movie, that rises above it's pretenses of being A SAMURAI MOVIE with TOM FUCKIN' CRUISE. That one dude shouldn't have died. It's like when Mr. Rogers died, assuming that Mr. Rogers was packing heat in the form of a katana and the life's training of use of it. *Sigh*


...poor Mr. Rogers.
Rating: 3.02 out of π

8/19/04 09:04 am - aelfthrythis - The Second Coming

Yay!!! I hijacked a journal and made someone join!!! Yay!!!

5/6/04 12:17 pm - metalgarurumon - So... I guess I ought to post

This is my little clan of one. No one's joining, because no one cares besides me.
That's okay, though. I'm a solitary person, and I wave my banner proudly, as long as nobody else is looking. :P

yeah, um...

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