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Just an article I happened to read

To the Editor:
Where is the ACLU when you need 'em?

Last Saturday night I went to Mountain Crest High School and watched some Mustangs dance and play instruments. As I entered the school, very clean and well maintained though it is I immediately became disturbed: there on the wall near the door hung the words "In God We Trust." And except for a brief when, thank God, no invocation was offered: in prominent view also hung Old Glory.

Symptoms of additional incorrectness began to appear soon thereafter when the young people started their performance: None of the guys wore earrings and none of the girls bore tattoos. They were clean cute, disciplined, organized, polite (a kid apologized after he bumped my shoulder), smiled a lot, wore modest costumes (none of which malfunctioned), twirled toy rifles and performing exceptionally and there was no smell of marijiuana in the air. The bleachers, moreover, were full of parents, all of whom looked heterosexual.

MCHS, obviously, needs to be fixed; 1) The environment there is one of blatant insensitivity. 2) The environment there is non-urbane. 3) The students are allowed little, if any, free expression. 4) Who knows how many gun nuts are being harbored inside? 5)Intolerance of alternative life styles is rampant. And 6) MCHS students need to be taught standards such as moral relativity.

Where in heaven's name is ACLU when you need 'em?

Come to think of it, I wouldn't doubt that there's a nativity scene lurking on the property somewhere...

Don Kirby
River Heights

Where shall I begin...

You know... I really dislike that somehow despite this thing called 'separation of church and state' we still have all these religious monuments and ceremonies. But the thing that ticks me is that it's all Christian. My philosophy is that if we are going to respect one religion in this way, we have to respect them all. And if we don't, then we should not respect any of them in this way.

In other words, if we are seeing Christian monuments and hearing Christian prayers on public property, then I want to see Jewish and Buddhist monuments, and hear Jewish and Buddhist prayers too. Otherwise we shouldn't be having them at all.

Heh, I am reminded of my History 1700 teacher Mr. Crane. He said the same thing. But I loved what he said. He said that if a Christian is able to give a public prayer; than a Satanist should be able to as well. And we should treat it the same way as we would with a Christian prayer. Heh. I found it rather humorous. You'd have to know Mr. Crane though. You'd have to know staunch, Mormon Mr. Crane to really understand the humor of this.

Anyway, the whole idea of public prayer and such just makes me uncomfortable. Because whenever I am at a place where it is done, I feel like I am forcing my beliefs on everyone else in the crowd.

Anyway, this is my first post here. Just something small. For kicks and giggles. I could have gone into a lot more. Could have gone into freedom of expression. Gone into individuality and issues of repression. But I hope you enjoyed. Even better, I hope you learned something. No, no I just hope you thought. Thought about something, about anything. I hope you agreed or disagreed. As long as you thought to reach your decision. After all, speech and talk and writing are wasted if you're not getting something from it.
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